EasyLock Interlocking System

FieldTurf engineered the easiest, fastest and most secure way of locking your portable field panels together. EasyLock is a simple male-female interlock system that fits your panels together for a seamless feel.


The Perfect Panel Size

The turf area of each panel has a dimension of 5.17 ft x 3.44 ft. At just 21 pounds, each panel is extremely light weight for easy carrying, maneuvering and installation.


From Floor to Field in Just Hours

Installing a good sports field has never been this easy. Our do-it-yourself system is so simple, a small crew of people can install a full size field (17,000 sq ft) in less than a day. No special equipment. No heavy lifting.


Durable Turf

EasyField has best tested under rigorous conditions and has been designed to outlast any portable system under the harshest use. After thousands of cycles on the Lisport Wear Machine, the turf still looks and plays great.


Durable Connectors

Dismantle and assemble your field with confidence – your field can take it! The innovative panels have been tested to keep their shape and properties through rigorous simulated durability testing


Durable Safety

EasyField’s 45mm compressed foam pad provides excellent Gmax and shock absorption.
It has been designed to ensure little variation even after years of use.