Ok, ok, one at a time! We know you must have many questions about this revolutionary portable field. Odds are that you will find the answer below. If not, reach out to us by clicking Here.

Can we use the panels outside?

Sorry, the EasyField portable system was constructed solely for indoor use.

How big are the EasyField panels?

Each turf panel has a dimension of 5 feet by 3.5 feet.

Are they heavy?

They are lighter than most football gear! At a total weight of 21 pounds each, they maneuver, carry and install easily.

Will it take me all day to build my field?

A crew of 4 people can install a field in hours.

Will I have to rent a lift and special equipment?

Absolutely no special equipment is required once the panels are unloaded from the truck- We didn’t call it EasyField for nothing!


I want EasyField but my area has curved corners and oddly shaped areas…

No problem! We can design your custom field to fit your surface perfectly.


How does EasyField perform?

Your portable field will meet all key industry requirements for performance including shock absorption, energy restitution and ball rebound.

Is EasyField safe?

It sure is! The thick 45 millimeter compressed foam pad provides excellent long-term shock absorption.